About Quality of Life Process

Quality of Life process. We are all aware that in life will be more meaningful if we have a weight in our daily lives, how to make life more meaningful, how to organize the life that always survive, and how to make the quality of our life is more valuable in the eyes of others and the Creator. in the modern world there are four stages of motivation to achieve the Quality of Life and that too in line with the guidance of religion and the values ​​of society.

Here are the first stages, what is termed Survive. when we live life for what it is and just to live, then you are in a position Survive. illustrated when someone who was walking slowly with his head down to the bottom and he dropped down mid right and left and then he walks slowly. slow speed, with slow motion. This illustrates the typical people who survive, which is important for him just to walk and enjoy the journey without knowing what and how will roadblocks in front of him, as he walked with a bent condition. Pessimistic describe the circumstances of this kind, lack of confidence, despair, easy and simple emotional stress. he will easily once emotional and tend to be reactive when faced with a problem.

Quality of Life Illustration
Then the second is Stability. if the above is a picture of people who only survive so here people will run with slightly raised his right hand but still hang a left hand. there is a stability here, we can control our thoughts and emotions of pressures outside, be it pressure from yourself, pressure from family, work, our business or the pressure in society. This stage is better than just survive, life is more stable and start no control.

Unfinished until a stable value stage, we need the third stage is Success. when we become successful then we do not just have the emotional stability, but we have a financial establishment, we have a reputation, already known men in all things in excess and our strength, we've become a successful person. when illustrated in the image above, the person will raise his hands with the head facing forward ready for the challenge.

Many people are trapped in this life stops until the third stage, we need a higher stage again, that the fourth stage of what is called the Significant, become meaningful. there is a phrase 'menjadi`orang successful far more important' need to be owned by everyone, but the phrase is still there it goes, 'being a great person far more successful', and even then not reached the point, there it goes again behind 'became much happier person greater than '. the latter is said to be Significant.

Significant ie be happy, of course, when we talk of happiness certainly not just be measured in terms of quantity, but quality. so it is natural that there is a statement that says that 'we can buy bed padded with money, but the bed can not be bought'. any material we may be able to buy but we could not buy a value of happiness.

Happiness is not that we can enjoy individually but also collectively happiness, enjoyed by many people. If we have reached the stage of happiness significant then scatter it on the right and left of us, in front of us and behind us. we make them become successful. when many successful people around us then therein lies our true happiness. Thank God it is worth once said for those who are given all the above four values ​​that happiness is always doubled and slander not be alive.

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