Definition of Emotional Intelligence

Definition of Emotional Intelligence. The term Emotional Intelligence was first popularized by Peter Salovely 1990s, who later popularized by Daniel Goleman. Daniel is one of the famous writer with the title of the essay book Emotional Intelligence. How Emotional Intelligence definitions and terms according to the psychologists?, The following piece of footage on emotional intelligence.

Salovely defines emotional intelligence as a subset of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor feelings and emotions. Be it to themselves and to others, Sorting - through everything and use all this information to guide our thoughts and actions. While Goleman, he said in an emotional kecerdasa no interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand other people related to what could motivate them, how they work together and how they can help each other with each other. The second personal intelligence, which are correlative of this intelligence into a self directed that his form's ability to form a capital themselves conscientious and refer to themselves, as well as the ability to use the capital to get through life effectively.

Broadly speaking, emotional intelligence contains the qualities and positive potential of a personal, interpersonal and ekstrapersonal. Tersebuta quality is empathy, express and understand the feelings, anger management, self-reliance, adaptability, ability to solve personal problems, perseverance, solidarity, hospitality and their mutual respect for others.

Emotional Intelligence is a complex reaction that is related to one another in depth coupled with the feeling or feeling. Emotional intelligence is a representation of some of the potential ability to control themselves in recognizing and fostering relationships with others.

A few snippets about the definition of Emotional Intelligence above may provide new insights on us all that each person must have a good emotional intelligence side that will impact also to yourself and the people around him.

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