Knowing the child Cognitive Development

Knowing the child Cognitive Development. In understanding cognitive development in infants, there are theories of Piaget is already very well known as a base to understand. Piaget believes that a child develops through a series of mind of infancy to adulthood in accordance with their respective stages of development age. The ability of the baby through these stages is derived from biological pressure to adapt to the environment and their grouping thinking structures.

The way of thinking of children in each stage is different. According to Piaget, development of thought kualitif divided into four stages, ie, sensory-motor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. in cognitive studies in infants, means our attention is focused on the development stage of sensory motor. According to Piaget, babies are born with a reflex, as well as encouragement for exploration clicking his world. Scheme was originally set up through an innate reflex differential tersebut.Periode sensory-motor is the first period of four periods. Piaget found in this stage of development capability and pemahamanruang mark or place (spatial) is important.

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Sensory-motor intelligence is seen as a useful practical intelligence to learn to do on the environment before being able to think about what he was doing. Individual intelligence at this stage is still primitive, but is very significant basic intelligence to be the foundation of certain types of intelligence possessed child.

Before the age of 18 months children may not know the exact target. That is, anything that is not he seen, not touched or not heard, considered nothing though in fact it exists. in the range of 18-24 months, then the ability to precisely target the child appear gradually and systematically.

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