Matt Cutts talked about blog articles

Matt Cutts talked about blog articles. it turns out a lot of knowledge that I had always been misidentified in the world of bloggers. from the beginning until now, I still use a personal point of view in a blog article released by the frequency of regular or continuous.

Apparently, after I read and see video from google webmaster expert, there is an interesting one and I tried to reflect on the opposite side as well. In the video, Matt Cutts (the expert webmaster) say "content quality is really very important in the eyes of Google than the number of posts (quantity) and frequency of posting updates", so the conclusion of the presentation of the master is wrong to post with frequent frequency and the number of posts were 'forced' many will be able to maintain the blog post title in the SERP and google search engine. Quality posts that become a key sit at the top of the SERP stable search engine. Fresh feed will be important points along with the keywords new and fresh as well.

Which is now a question, in the sense that fresh content and blog articles that are presented are not many many know of its existence because it is only concerned with the quality of articles without SEO optimization such as the installation of meta tags, keywords firing, the template is still not perfect in the eyes of SEO, backlinks planting and other optimizations, may be far from expectations.

certainly fresh and original article is very good, but it also sidelines in my opinion one should not enliven the frequency of posts with articles that seem regular and irregular quality but will definitely add links that go to our blog page. The more articles that we submit to various search engines more and also increase the backlinks permanently on the blog. It is a different story with social media such as blogs or news blog dynamically share of viewers who have always been fanatical.

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