What is the function Reboot menu in android ?

What is the function Reboot menu in android ?. For those of you who do not know why and what purpose reboot on a system in the android, then I will discuss it for you. menu and reboot functions within each operating system must have a specific purpose. Why not perform any shutdown? why there should be a function reboot?. actually do the shutdown and then revive Mobile is included in the category reboot. it may be some of the questions in the minds of the android users in particular and PC users in general.

Reboot in terms of language software has the meaning of a restart or re-loading of the initial operating system that runs on an electronic device, whether mobile or personal computer. Why is there a reboot function?, Within an operating system when there is a case like this it is best to do a reboot.

1. When the system stops abruptly and did not respond.

2. If there is a command from an application after it is installed, it is necessary to reboot in order to perfect the application is running.

3. When the load was too heavy android phone, then the reboot will make fresh an operating system.

4. Mobile silent or freezes, reboot return to normal.

5. reboot needs to be done when the phone is turned on too long or several days have not been turned off. because they could have been there one or several processes fail to perform their duties in a long while the phone is on.

6. Usually a reboot is required to perform tests on a network. where sometimes the mobile network and Internet data could walk normally after dulakukannya reboot.

Among the many functions reboot and a little explanation above, certainly do a reboot or restart of a mobile phone is very necessary to maintain the stability of the android system itself. Welcome to reboot :).

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